Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A HUGE thank you! (and an apology)

I want to start off and say I heart everyone that's picked up a copy of Always and took the time to read and review. From four stars to one, I appreciate the feedback. Which brings me to my apology...

I am sorry for the errors in the book. I put out a sub-par product and I am really sorry about that. When I released Always, I was so freakin' excited about telling my story that I didn't think about betas and getting someone to edit outside of myself that important things were missed. As I've gone back through the story and talked with my beta-readers/editors, I am seriously embarrassed by what slipped past me. I'm doing a big re-release on July 26 with a new, professional edited version. I'll be contacting Amazon and they should email everyone that bought the book and give them the option to download the updated version for free (I'll let you know when to expect the email). I don't think Barnes and Noble offers that service, but I'm offering it here:

If you want the edited version, email me with your preferred format and I'll send it to you--no questions asked.

This has been a HUGE learning experience for me (slow the eff down, Ellery!) and I want to say a big thank you to all the betas that helped me out via the Some Like it Hot group on Goodreads. Thank you for reading the book and giving your feedback, and all the offers to read and review the updated version! Yall rock my face right on off. Seriously. <3

I also used the proofreading/editing services of:
Mandi Smith ( and (
Indie Proofs (

I'm looking forward to putting out the shinier (and better edited!) version of Always next week!

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