Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update on Kim's Story

Just wanted to pop in and give you guys an update.

Unfortunately, Kim's story (Inevitable) is being pushed back until April. I know this is frustrating as a reader, but I'm hard at work, and trying to get you the story you deserve! I'm taking all the criticism I got from the Always series (too much fighting, too much drama, not enough focus on Juliet and Lucas' love) and I'm putting that into what I hope is an amazing love story that will be worth the wait. :)

Lola and Ian Stone's romance is being put off until further notice. I hate making promises and giving dates that I can't deliver on.

I've been hard at work on Kim's story, as well as a novella that I'm writing for a themed 'bad boy' box set that will be out on March 10. It's called Hopelessly Yours, and the bad boy is so delicious! I can't wait until you guys get to meet Jace Monroe. :D

Thanks for reading and being patient with me. I really appreciate it!