What happens after happily ever after?

After a devastating break-up that drove her to a school on the other side of the country, Juliet Stowe swore she would never fall in love again. She wasn't counting on finding Lucas McNamara, the first guy she ever loved.

Finally reunited after years apart, Juliet jumps in headfirst--but obstacles to their happiness remain. Lucas' ex, Candi Mann, is determined to unearth Juliet's past and drive a wedge between them.

Lucas McNamara knew Juliet was special the moment he saw her. She's a girl worth giving up his player ways; a girl he wants to wake up to the next morning and every morning after. A girl that makes everything else go away.

All the BS with his parents? Irrelevant. His friend's complaints that he's acting weird, losing himself in some girl? Ridiculous. All he needs is Juliet. And then he does something he never, ever thought he would do. Something that could ruin everything...

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