Friday, November 15, 2013

Never is now Available!

When I first had the idea for Always, I set out to tell a story about a love that spanned decades. The kind of love that everyone dreams about...a love that conquers all.

Juliet and Lucas met as kids; they were each other's first love and then they lost each other. Completely by chance, they end up at the same university--but family drama and their pasts impact their ability to finally be together and be happy.

While they got their HEA in Always, when I finished, 'What happens after happily ever after?' popped in my head. There were so many unresolved questions. What happened with Candi? Would Lucas forgive his mother? Can Juliet really let Lucas in, or is she too damaged by her past? I'm hoping you like the answer to all those questions! :)

What happens after happily ever after? 

Juliet Stowe swore she'd never fall in love again, but she wasn't counting on finding him: Lucas McNamara, the first guy she ever loved. The guy who made breaking the promise she made to guard her heart easy to break. But she jumped in headfirst and the obstacles that gave her pause still exist. Lucas refuses to even talk about the affair with between their parents. Lucas' ex, Candi Mann, is determined to unearth Juliet's past and drive a wedge between them. And as romantic as Lucas is when they're together, his jealous streak threatens to tear them apart…

Lucas McNamara finally found her. The girl that's worth giving up his player ways. A girl he wants to wake up to the next morning, and every morning after. All the BS with his parents? Irrelevant. His friends complaints that he's acting weird, losing himself in some girl? Ridiculous. All he needs is his girl…until he does something he never, ever thought he'd do. Something that could ruin everything…

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